Role Models and Insurance: Always Have Your Back

Can you recount a certain person in your life that you looked up to? Maybe that person was a teacher, a coach, an older sibling, a character in a book, or for some, a popular figure or celebrity? Perhaps that person gave you advice, words of wisdom, helped guide you down a path, or believed you could achieve a goal when you didn’t believe in yourself. We all need that person or persons in our lives that we can owe some of our success to.

I have had several significant role models over the course of my life. My Dad raised my brothers and I on his own and always supports my decisions. A shop teacher in high school instilled my work ethic, taught me valuable life skills, and helped me believe in myself. Fast forward to present day and there are several awesome ladies I work with who have shown me an unbelievable amount of patience in teaching me the ropes of the insurance industry and guiding me down a career path I never knew was possible.

A role model can act much the same as your Rhode Island insurance does. You seek it out when you need it, and you can always count on it to be there for you (as long as you pay your premium!). Your insurance and your role model can be called upon in times of crisis to lift you up and put you back where you need to be. Also, you probably cannot imagine your life without either of these.

If you don’t have a role model, then maybe you can be a role model. Set a good example for someone. All it takes is a little bit of your time. Volunteer your time to a cause you are passionate about and take someone under your wing. Be a big brother or big sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club. You don’t have to be older than someone to be a positive influence a person’s life. Head to a nearby senior citizens center or nursing home and spend some time with someone; play a game, do a puzzle, or read a book. So many people out there are lonely and don’t have anyone; think of how much of a difference you can make in another’s life by just giving a little bit of your time!

Guest Blogger: Nicholle Turner

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