Flood Insurance – Are You Prepared?

I created this quick video to remind people that flood damage is NOT covered by your standard home or renters policy. With spring arriving (finally) we are looking toward our rainy season. With rain comes the very real possibility of flooding for anyone and everyone. What, that’s crazy you say? It’s true, everyone lives in a flood zone and floods can and will happen anywhere given the right circumstances.

Eight years ago this week we saw massive flooding on the heels of weeks of spring rains compounded with a few days of deluge. The local flooding was massive, a “One hundred years flood” it was dubbed. Thousands of homes sustained damage; residents had to be rescued from their homes in boats; local, state and federal agencies set up camp to assist in the recovery. And insurance agents all over the area had to inform clients without flood insurance that their damages and losses were not covered. It’s heartbreaking and absolutely not the news we ever want to deliver.

Many will say that flood insurance is too expensive. But that’s not true. Each community is divided into flood zones which are based on historical data and proximity to bodies of water, as well community flood mitigation action. A home that sits atop a hill with no immediate sources of water will see a significantly different premium than a house that sits nestled in a low spot near a river. The greater the risk will bring a higher premium, but you need to weigh that against the loss factor. Could you afford to replace and rebuild your basement after it receives six inches of flood water? Does your “rainy day” fund have a new washer and dryer, hot water heater and furnace budgeted?

But do you know what doesn’t cost you a thing? A flood insurance quote. We would be happy to provide you a quote and discuss any questions you may have. You can call our office at 401-596-2096 or email us at info@mansfieldins.com.

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