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The warming weather has many of us crawling out of our winter doldrums and the real estate market is chock full of buyers and sellers. If you are looking to make a home selling move, take a look at these most common, but minor, “home deficiencies” discovered during an inspection that could cost you.

  • Missing caulking, grout, and sealer inside the home.
  • Lighting fixture and bulb deficiencies.
  • Cosmetic issues with sheetrock such as small cracks or popped-up nails.
  • The absence of or broken smoke alarms.
  • Damaged or broken windows/screens.
  • Outlets or power switches with deficiencies, such a missing or broken switch plates.
  • Missing caulking or sealing outside.
  • Defective or cruddy faucets.
  • Doors that need to be adjusted or repaired.
  • Broken windows/screens.
  • “Statement” paint. Yes, that blood red in the dining room suits your family, but neutral walls show better.
While the bold colors fit your lifestyle, the more neutral tones makes it easier for a buyer to better picture their “stuff” in your space.

These may seem like very minor issues, but when someone is looking to purchase your home these issues will likely detract from the benefits of the home. Most buyers don’t want to worry about these annoying issues in order to move in and could turn them off completely. And let’s be honest, most of these issues are things that you can take care of yourself and they do not cost a lot.

If your bathrooms faucets have seen better days, a quick trip to the hardware store can have them shiny and new for less than $30. Are your doors a little dingy, then give them a quick scrub down or a fresh coat of paint. Have your cats made swiss cheese of your screens? You can buy screen replacement materials at the hardware store and fix them yourselves (I’ve done this numerous times, it’s quick and painless)! Are the ceiling light fixtures dirty and/or outdated? You can give them a good cleaning or an inexpensive updated globe! That’s another quick and inexpensive fix that gives your home a more polished effect.

Let’s be honest, this swap makes quite difference.

These simple and inexpensive updates and repairs will help make your home look more polished and attractive to potential home buyers and they won’t break the bank. It would be unfortunate to lose a buyer because they couldn’t see beyond very minor issues that are easily fixed.

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