Refer A Friend Contest


Enter the “Fall Into Cash” Referral Contest!

It’s incredibly easy, and rewarding for you and your wallet! Our customers are our best asset in the community. At The Mansfield Insurance Agency, we work hard to get you the best coverage for the best price. We’d like the opportunity to thank you for the referrals you send our way!

So how does it work? It’s simple. When you refer a friend, relative, your postman, or your babysitter to The Mansfield Insurance Agency, once they visit our office and mention they were referred by you, we will send you a $5 Bess Eaton card, and enter your name into our $500 drawing that will be held on October 1st! That’s it!

The more people you refer, the more times you can enter, and the greater your chances of winning the grand prize! You’ll receive a gift card and entry for the cash drawing is for each referral. So if you refer ten people to us, you’ll get ten $5 Bess Eaton cards, and ten entries into the drawing.

How will we know your referral came from you? We always ask potential clients how they’ve heard about our agency!

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